About Me

Welcome to the Realm of Tokyo!

Who are you?

I am an active member in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), and I am known there as Shauna Sal Speranza of Artemisia. I am also known to some as Satake no Nana. I am known also simply as Shanna. I have interests in historical rapier, archery, costuming, illumination and calligraphy, and too many other things to mention.

Why the name the Realm of Tokyo?

This blog has the name of Realm of Tokyo because it is loosely based off the website The Realm of Venus. I do not consider myself an expert in the field, but I am continuously trying to find information and increase my knowledge.

Why pick the Japanese culture? Isn't the SCA a European history group? 

 When I started in the SCA I had no idea what I wanted to do persona or garb-wise. Thanks to some wonderful friends of mine with lots of encouragement and extra garb, I was able to try several kinds of garb and look at various personas. I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted to do something different from the average Scadian in my area.

Why create this blog?

When I initially started looking for more information on pre-17th century Japan, I ran into a wall. It seemed like no one knew anything and the books available from the library had conflicting information. Then one day in my random searches online for period Japanese clothing information, I stumbled across a webpage called kosode made simple. That lead me to several other sites and many knowledgeable and interesting new friends that I have made that are all across the world. I started this blog in an attempt to give other people some ease in looking for information on pre-17th century fashion and life in Japan. 

You messed up on spelling, crediting a website/writer, etc. how can I contact you to fix it?

I'm human and I screw up things and I'm sorry if it causes undue problems or confusion. I definitely want to fix any issues that are on this blog.
Let me know how I may be of assistance to you! Please contact me via email: shaunathescared@gmail.com

Thanks for dropping by!